With nearly infinite different types of combinations, the magic system in Mages of Mystralia is one of the most complete ever created in a video game.

Use your creativity to design the spells that you’ll bring on your adventure. Ingenuity will allow you to defeat powerful monsters and solve complex puzzles.

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Mages of Mystralia’s action adventure controls are both deep and intuitive. Use them well to vanquish your enemies!


Use your knowledge of magic to overcome clever challenges with the perfect spell. And leave no corner of the map unexplored, as many epic treasures will reward your tenacious spirit!

News & Updates

Busan Indie Connect Festival 2017

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Busan Indie Connect Festival 2017: My Journey   Greetings Mystralians, For those who don’t know me I am Patric Mondou, the Game Director of Mages of Mystralia. On September 20th...

Mages Of Mystralia on consoles!

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PS4 and XBOX ONE release Greetings Mystralians and newcomers, Today we are very excited to announce that our first major title, Mages of Mystralia, will officially release on consoles. You...

Release of the Archmage Mode

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Release of the Archmage Mode Greetings Mystralians, Since our last post, we've been working hard on the next big patch for Mages of Mystralia. We are really excited to officially...

What spells will you create?

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