Release of the Archmage Mode

Greetings Mystralians,

Since our last post, we’ve been working hard on the next big patch for Mages of Mystralia. We are really excited to officially announce that the Archmage Mode patch will be deployed on August 22nd on PC (Steam, GOG, Humble Store, Twitch store) and at launch on consoles.

With the Archmage Mode patch, we hope to give players a challenge better suited to the experience they wish to have and a compelling reason to start a second playthrough. It will also allow players to play the way they want to play.

Here is the Official Patch note:

[Archmage Mode]
– Added the Archmage Mode.
Р4 new enemy types Рone for each element.  There is also an improved AI to anticipate your actions better.
-New puzzles, that are far more complex, will require players to use advanced techniques.

– Rebalanced the Mage Mode (a rebalanced version of the difficulty that was previously the default).
– Added fully rebindable keys for keyboard and mouse.

– Many bug fixes.

We can wait to hear your thoughts and feedbacks on that game mode!

– The Borealys Games Team