Busan Indie Connect Festival 2017:
My Journey  

Greetings Mystralians,

For those who don’t know me I am Patric Mondou, the Game Director of Mages of Mystralia. On September 20th I came back to Montréal from Busan Indie Connect Festival 2017, an awesome outdoors video game festival in… South Korea! I was very excited to go because I was quite the hardcore gamer in my time. And when you think of hardcore gamers you think of e-sports. When you think of e-sports, you think of Starcraft Broodwar and… Korea. Right when we landed in Busan I knew the trip would be epic; as the plane’s wheels touched down, a victorious music played in the plane’s PA, implying “hurray, we landed successfully”!

The weather warned of a cat2 typhoon heading our way, but people in Busan didn’t seem to care much. They installed sand bags and tarps around the Cinema Center where the event was held, just in case. After a day of meeting with the press and the AWESOME devs participating, the public event kicked off. We saw in the first hours Saturday that Koreans are not only good at e-sports, they’re immensely passionate about indie games too.

Everyone who came to our booth really wanted to learn about Mystralia. They played it until they wrapped their head around the game, which is a good thing because I always felt we had a hard game to demo. Most played through the whole 45 minutes demo! Overall, I can say that the enjoyment and hype for Mages of Mystralia was stronger in Busan than in any other city we visited since our first public showing. Thankfully, our game is being localized in Korean (among many other languages) and I feel that Mystralia is going to do extremely well in Korea when that update hits Steam

Sunday afternoon, the closing ceremony began and we sat down with our new friends. There, we were delighted to learn that Mystralia was nominated for 3 different awards: Best Audio, Excellence in Design and Grand Prize! We didn’t win any, but we were still very humbled to see how good of an impression we made on the judges there. And to tell you the truth, the winners in every category were great games from great devs that I came to admire during the event. And then we went out and partied. And drank soju! (ugh, my head spins just thinking of that word now).

Oh yeah, and I met NaDa too, the famous Terran player 🙂

So all in all, we had tons of fun. But mostly, we met some truly great people there, both Koreans and other visitors.

See you next time, Busan!